2014 is about ending now, begin tomorrow, its only a memory. It would be an understatement to call it an amazing year.
I learned lots of new things, went to new places, most time spent away from family, met a lot of new people, good or bad, a few are here to stay and some taught me valuable lessons and walked away. A few things set my ’14 apart making it a little sweeter, I can’t seem to find words that describe my year to the fullest.
No matter how delicious the cake is, that cherry atop the icing is the sweetest and I’ve got a few cherries on my ’14 that are memories forever.
My friends and family who helped me grow, that stranger who returned my lost wallet, my roomie for all that Maggie and unlimited fun, all the makers and hackers who fixed my ugly code with a lot of patience and put a smile on me, that girl with cute hair, aeroplanes that we thought were spaceships, I scored distinctions and failed exams, cars and boats and love and emotions, put a price on it and the world wouldn’t be able to afford it, because some things just don’t come by the second time.
I’ve got one life, and it’s about time I start living it, my resolutions for ’15 don’t spill anything enlightening, I just want to be happy, make a small bucket list, eat a lot of ice cream, tell her I’ve got crush on her, read a good book, write until I run our of words, party like a bitch and work like a dog.
I owe it to a lot of people for all the good things that happened around me this year, all the good memories and priceless experiences, I’m glad we met, thank you!