DIY- gForce meter 1.0 [UPDATE]



So this time around, it’s another fun and functional microcontroller based DIY, a g-force measurement system with data logging to SD card.


1) Arduino UNO w/ATmega328P
2) 3-axis accelerometer breakout
3) SD card
4) SD card breakout w/level shifting circuit
5) LED Continue reading “DIY- gForce meter 1.0 [UPDATE]”


DIY- Helping Hand Tool


Helping hands are multi-purpose tool that are good to have and sometimes a necessity. They’re very useful for soldering electronic circuits and other applications where you would need a third hand to hold something or if it’s inappropriate to use your hands to hold a particular object. Not only does this DIY project look cool and save you money, you’re actually doing a favor to the environment by reusing scrap materials. This is a fairly elaborate and  simple DIY, even less than modest fabrication skills are good enough. Continue reading “DIY- Helping Hand Tool”

DIY- xESC Adapter [Ver1.0 w/ATmega8]

This Arduino based DIY is for everyone who would wants to run aeroplane ESCs with a surface radios. It goes in between the ESC and Rx. Although, there is already an adapter called Pistix available in the market for the same purpose, I couldn’t find any schematics or instructions about it to build one myself. With some help, I came up with something similar. How the adapter works: An aeroplane ESC needs 0% throttle indication at startup, but since a surface radio throttle is set at about 25% by default, it makes the ESC beep as a warning to set the throttle to 0%. For the aeroplane ESC to work, you can either mechanically modify the Tx by setting the default position of the throttle to 0% or if that is not possible, you can do it the software way; the adapter takes the 25% signal coming from the Rx and remaps it to 0%, as an indication of ‘no throttle’ to the ESC. Materials required: 1) ATmega8 or equivalent microcontroller- 1 nos 2) 16MHz crystal- 1 nos 3) 22pF ceramic capacitors- 2 nos 4) Servo extender- 1 nos 5) PCB Additionally, you’ll need a programmer to burn the code on to the ATmega8. I used an Arduino UNO board for the same. The Arduino code and the schematic can be downloaded from here– Tested the adapter on my air boat, works flawlessly! I used an ATmega8-16PU microcontroller for this project, couldn’t get the code to run on an surface-mount ATtiny45-20PU, if some electronics genius on here can do that, it can physically reduce the size of the adapter to less than half. I couldn’t have done this project without help from Trishit Ghatak and PeterH (Arduino forum)




Another Year Goes Down…

Street photography

Not just looking down ’12, but looking down my life from since I can remember, I see me struggling hard to be who I want to be. I’ve committed a lot of mistakes and bad decisions, a few good and life changing ones; I learned something from all of them. I’ve met a lot of people and a few of those passersby stayed, some left sooner and some came back later. I’ve suffered a few heartbreaks and savored a few happy moments. If you were given a chance to remake your life, you’d probably pick all your best times and overwrite your life with it. If you were given a chance to replace one person among all the people in your life, you’d probably pick the best qualities of all the people you know and make one very special person out of it. As impossible as that sounds, you are only a thought away from living such a paradoxical life; I sort of made it happen, it’s just, I learned to appreciate what I had, loved the people who stopped by. I’ve lost it sometimes, but I’ve had it most of the time. It’s been like this for a while; 15 years to be precise. I never waited for the end of a year and the beginning of a new one to take up a resolution, to ink my feelings in a diary, to think it’s a new beginning, to feel a difference or to make a difference. I guess, you just need to make it count, don’t fish for excuses, make it a little happy, a little sad, a bit interesting, a bit boring, be rational, irrationality for a change is alright, tidy is good, messy is sometimes better, keep it simple, complicate it if needed, walk down an empty road, flute through a crouded street, try a lemon, then some lemonade, smile simply, frown painfully, laugh loudly, cry quietly, make friends, learn to let go, first love yourself, then share it with someone unconditionally, admire the beauty, don’t dig for ugliness, appreciate if you can, never insult even if you’re best at it, make more mistakes, learn the most from it, take a few calculated risks, learn to accept defeat, break a few bones, they will grow back stronger. A little bit of everything makes a very sweet cherry atop the scoop. I hope, or rather, I know ’13 will make the cherry a little sweeter and the scoop a little bigger. Happy New Year to you, make 2013 an awesome one!

When Education Begins To Sound Synonymous With Tomfoolery


I’m a 19-year-old college-going teenager and I’m not any typical one. I’m at the peak of my educational life; or that’s how I feel. A college student needs a good amount of dedication towards learning and making his education worth the effort. Because, it’s these actions that mostly dictate their future. Of course, college education does not necessarily have to make your life awesome. But since, most of us lack (or don’t bother to wake up) that piece of mind which made Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg what they are today, we’ll have to walk through the same dirty gangway that most of the others amongst us choose; it’s the only option we have, mostly.

I hate the way people think going to school/college makes one smart and respectable. Well, what can I say? Roughly 700,000 students graduate from engineering all over India every year. That’s right, seven lakh engineers with wrong mindsets are produced every year in India and not all are software/computer engineers who work for the IT industry, majority of all kinds of engineering graduates end up working for the IT sector inevitably and eventually. Certainly doesn’t motivate me to respect them for sheep-herding their way with the crowd.

As a matter of fact, I myself aspire to be an engineer, although, I now feel ashamed to call myself a wannabe engineer. I’ll just say I want to be a classy artist who wants to make people’s life easy to live– if you’re not a part of the herd, you’ll understand what I just said.

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Drop Forged


After everything we spoke today, about infatuation, true love and all those compelling topics, I was thinking through it just now and I realized nothing really lasts, you just have to try and make it last as long as you can and get over with it when it’s all done. Nothing really has a chance to last as long as we expect it to, not in this unpredictable world where our lives are affected even by small changes in our surroundings and the smallest in your minds, where feelings for a person are swapped like sim cards in mobile phones. Where wrappers are eaten and the chocolate’s thrown away. Where butterflies are judged as moths. Where pigs are given wings and unicorns slaughter for dinner meals. Where no man cares for a soul that’s being strangled, but everyone wants to be a hero. They’re unforgiving, unsuspecting, dominating, cold as steel and quiet as a whisper. I’m just gonna have to live this for now, untill I’m with you, untill you’re with me, untill I’m struck by lightning or kissed by a viper or just plain upset by deception, this is all I have and I’m gonna learn to appreciate it as much as it drives me to complain. I’ll drop forge my heart, prepare to take the beating, learn to deal with a heartbreak; I won’t give up on you just yet. But, I’ll be waiting for you to get there and when you do come up to me to cut off the strings that kept us together, my endeavor would pay off, I’ll just drop a tear to mark the moment and start walking again. Just to let you know, when it’s all over, it won’t be worth it for either of us to go through this mental apocalypse.
But for now, You are my only Hope to survive this grand chaos.

Anjan Babu