G3 “Sinister Saint” — The RC Car From My Dreams [UPDATE]

Its about 6 years now since I fell in love with contraptions rolling on three wheeled under the influence of instantaneous torque from an electric motor working its magnetic magic inside a metal can held against sintered magnets.

It was just a clumsy little car back then, stumbled to keep the wheels rolling, just so you guys can see where I started, here’s a cluster of the nostalgia. First car first.
     The G3 is quite my darling, a darling I’d never dare roll out with an incompatible face lift, or should I say a nose dip? Lean and muscular is fine, wide and nasty is my new interest, perfectly so is the body on this car. I love it, your opinion is invalid, if not disqualified.
     Handles fine for a homemade car, a bit of a chicken on the run chasing a rolling doughnut, but there’s two things to take note of, it’s fast and it’s tough. Safe to say, you need a specialist degree to go over half throttle and not crash, it’s notoriously sneaky and drifts like a champ if you can tame that tail end a bit.
     I wouldn’t call it a fun car, takes lot of concentration to keep it on track, whatever the flaws are, sneaky or nasty, it’s a car I built from all that I learned in the course of my life, so it’s only a matter of time before the untidy folds are ironed out flat and neat.
About 75% of the car is fabricated and off-the-shelf parts were limited as much as possible, it took a little over 10 days to build, 10-13 hours build time probably.
The power system is the very versatile DT750 brushless outrunner juiced in by a Lithium Polymer battery. A 65mm 1/10th scale wheel is directly bolted on to the outrunner’s shaft, what that means is a lot of torque and rpm at your disposal whenever and wherever you want, what I learned is, that could be an undesirable thing too. You never want too much torque on a light weight car, like this. Push-rod suspension was adopted because the nose had to be dipped to give it that bit of a speedy, edgy look, it works like a charm. The overall weight of the car with a 3s 1Ah LiPo is about 700g which is not really bad at all considering, the PTW is roughly 0.2737248245 on the best setup.
Theoretically, on a 3s LiPo, it can do 67km/h, realistically, I’ve pushed it to close to 45-50km/h (An educated guess, of course) with a bit more range spared on the throttle trigger, so it just might go that fast, I just might squeeze that trigger flat against the grip post and watch it lay down all those watts on that straight piece of tarmac and shine the glossy aircraft-grade aluminum against the golden flares of the sun as it runs as fast as it can, as fast as it wants to, as fast as it always wanted too (Sorry for that, I get a bit emotional).
Coming down to the construction of the car, the interesting bits, here are a few picture from the build process that you would want to fantasize about and whatnot.
rear pod
UPDATE: After crashing the car head-on into a wall, I built a slightly tougher body, finally, with multi-tone paint! No decals yet, still working on that. A few hardware upgrades, the front shock mount panel, base plate and rear swing arm are lightened by 20g in total, added some lights on the front end and motor rewound to 25T, runs much cooler on a 3S LiPo at the cost of top end speed. The last setup with stock 20T literally shredded the pro soft slick while drifting on rough concrete, so made a tyre with some bicycle tube/bladder, there’s a lot of difference in grip considering it cost me an hour and almost no money to make it!
Ordered a DT900 outrunner, the motor upgrade from 750KV to 900KV is expected to be quite significant. Also, getting some treaded 14 spoke wheels.




UPDATE 2: Finally, received the new wheels and motor from HobbyKing, the trike is a total chick magnet with the new wheels and performs much better than before. The major handling improvement came from installing a heli gyro on the car to keep it going straight at high speeds without spinning out. Gives more confidence to the driver on peak RPMs, although, it’s still quite the fighter over 80% throttle.  Also replaced the front steering linkages with turn-buckles for easy adjustments.

New wheels!






Tire shredding!

Tire shredding
Tire shredding



FPV Trike
FPV Trike





Thanks to my friends Alex for the pro soft slicks, Madan Kumar for machining the front axles, my cousin Abhilash Reddy for the motor and all the members on RcIndia for their support and encouragement.
Anjan Babu

2 thoughts on “G3 “Sinister Saint” — The RC Car From My Dreams [UPDATE]

  1. Cool build! I really like the aggressive look of the car.

    You mention some control issues, and I noticed some ‘pirouetting’ in the videos. Perhaps the ‘pirouettes’ can be made a little nicer if you adopt one-way bearings for the front wheels. That way the ‘inner’ wheel in the pirouette won’t be able to roll backwards.

    The car looks so nice it deserves to run well!

    1. Interesting suggestion, Joachim. One-way bearing could possibly work for me because I don’t have reverse on this car yet, but for other cars with reverse, it could be an issue.
      Anyway, I sorted out the handling issue by installing a heli gyro for the steering, the gyro helps counteract small jerky movements that cause the car to spin-out and keeps it going straight; now the car maintains it’s heading much better at high speeds and spin outs are under control.

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