Drop Forged


After everything we spoke today, about infatuation, true love and all those compelling topics, I was thinking through it just now and I realized nothing really lasts, you just have to try and make it last as long as you can and get over with it when it’s all done. Nothing really has a chance to last as long as we expect it to, not in this unpredictable world where our lives are affected even by small changes in our surroundings and the smallest in your minds, where feelings for a person are swapped like sim cards in mobile phones. Where wrappers are eaten and the chocolate’s thrown away. Where butterflies are judged as moths. Where pigs are given wings and unicorns slaughter for dinner meals. Where no man cares for a soul that’s being strangled, but everyone wants to be a hero. They’re unforgiving, unsuspecting, dominating, cold as steel and quiet as a whisper. I’m just gonna have to live this for now, untill I’m with you, untill you’re with me, untill I’m struck by lightning or kissed by a viper or just plain upset by deception, this is all I have and I’m gonna learn to appreciate it as much as it drives me to complain. I’ll drop forge my heart, prepare to take the beating, learn to deal with a heartbreak; I won’t give up on you just yet. But, I’ll be waiting for you to get there and when you do come up to me to cut off the strings that kept us together, my endeavor would pay off, I’ll just drop a tear to mark the moment and start walking again. Just to let you know, when it’s all over, it won’t be worth it for either of us to go through this mental apocalypse.
But for now, You are my only Hope to survive this grand chaos.

Anjan Babu


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