The Real Price Of Energy

Everytime we start our cars, turn on our lights, cook a meal or heat our homes, we’re relying on some form of fuel to make it happen. Until now its inevitable been a fossil fuel, part of the carbon chain. And just as inevitable, that will have to change. Long before we decided to stop using fossil fuels, costs will have already made the decision for us. Not just the monetary costs, but the human costs, the cultural costs, the environmental costs. We will quite rightly, demand that our future energy is both sustainable and renewable. We will expect a lot from the likes of solar power, wind power, geothermal power and hydrogen fuel cells. Various estimates suggest that by 2050, nearly one third of the world’s energy needs could come from just such sources. Which leaves the other two thirds to come from conventional fuels, such as oil and natural gas. To make that happen we have to strike a balance, between the need to protect people’s way of living and their environment and the need to provide them with affordable energy. So this is why we need to hear from and listen to everyone who has an interest in the world, which is pretty much everyone in the world. This is the real price of energy and its worth it if only to make sure our children have a chance to buy it, and a world worth buying it in.

Anjan Babu


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